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FPS COST Action FP1205
Innovative applications of regenerated wood cellulose fibres

Demand for high performance products is increasing globally, as is the demand for more environmentally responsible sourcing. The combination of these facts places significant strain on traditional material supplies and processing. Fibre demand and nanocellulose are two such area of increasing demand, where diversification of fibre supplies is necessary to provide the demands and allow use of land for agricultural food purposes and biorefinery / biofuel supply. One area where fibre supply is increasing in supply is through the wood industry. This is through greater forest reserves under sustainable forestry practices, especially across Europe. However, it is necessary to think “outside the box” on how this resource can be put to optimum value (i.e. in areas in addition to construction, pulp & paper and bioenergy). This Action aims to develop the sustainable emerging technologies in the areas of textile fibre production, cellulosic fibres, and the various forms of nanocellulose derived solely from wood. This advancement needs to be undertaken within a COST framework not only to provide a means of information sharing, but to educate and train scientists in new areas of development. Through a programme of collaboration and knowledge exchange and training, this Action will develop a pan-European leap in capabilities, product and processes. This will lead to an improvement in the environmental credentials of advanced cellulose-based materials, strengthening R&D and innovative material production across Europe.

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