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FPS COST Action FP1005
Fibre suspension flow modelling - a key for innovation and competitiveness in the pulp & paper industry

Competitiveness of pulp and paper industry is challenged dramatically in Europe and North America today. Due to over-capacity in these markets, several production plants have been shut down in the last couple of years. Thus, traditional papermaking as well as new fibre-based products should be developed in order to maintain Europe's leading role in pulp and paper technology. Pulp and paper production is largely determined by fluid dynamics of fibre suspension flows. The objectives of the Action deal with numerical modelling of fibre suspension flows as well as validation measurements. The Action will offer industry a forum to solve test cases relevant to industry and to compare simulated results to experiments. Together simulations and experiments will result in more reliable simulation tools to industry.

Fibre suspensions are extremely complex solid-liquid systems since their components (fibres, flocs, air bubbles and additives) interact mutually in a complex way. As a consequence of this complexity, the understanding of the suspension flow dynamics remains poor and incomplete, despite of its importance for the papermaking industry. This usually results in conservative design of industrial equipments and leads to low energy efficiency and equipment oversizing.

Nowadays fast development of computer techniques and flow simulation methods allows, however, for much more precise predictions of fibre suspensions dynamics. Although it is still a fundamental research area, numerous examples of successful practical applications may be given. Their introduction into industrial practice seems to be the crucial issue for innovative and competitive European papermaking industry. The Action, by gathering together scientists, researchers and practitioners, will help to speed up this process.

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Dr Cristian MARCHIOLI (IT)

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Dr Fredrik LUNDELL (SE)

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