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FPS COST Action FP0702
Net-Acoustics for Timber based Lightweight Buildings and Elements

The main objective of the Action is to improve the acoustic behaviour of timber based lightweight buildings as well as to develop effective prediction models and measurement schemes.

There is an increasing interest in timber based lightweight components and buildings (TBLB) because of three important requirements. The raw material wood has to be used effectively because of its quantitative limitation and needs to be bounded in buildings for a long time in respect of CO2-storage regarding the global warming. Supplementary this type of construction allows an economic and very accurate industrial manufacturing. In general the acoustic performance of buildings and elements is an important topic in Europe but especially it is even more relevant for TBLBs due to their natural frequencies of resonance and the low mass of building material used in these elements. However, acoustic measurement procedures and characterizations of timber based components as well as the prediction of the acoustic performance in situ are research domains that still require further activities. This Action will aim at advancing the relevant technical knowledge and will contribute to the development of guidelines for TBLBs focusing on an improvement of their performance regarding acoustics and low frequency vibration behaviour.

Keywords: sound insulation, building acoustics, flanking transmission, timber lightweight constructions, measurement methods

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Mr Michel VILLOT (FR)

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