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FPS COST Action E49
Processes and Performance of Wood-based Panels

The main objective of this COST Action is the scientific-based advance of wood-based panels and

their production processes towards higher technical, economic and environmental standards. Such

improvement is essential if the sector is to meet future demands and competition from other

materials and markets.

Overall objectives and benefits

The COST Action is an ambitious initiative which will provide a common platform for the key

players in the European WBP community to:

- Coordinate and conduct WBP research activities

- Identify and address strategic scientific and technological problems, in a cohesive and integrated


- Improve the understanding of industry needs by the academic research community

- Broadening the knowledge basis to promote the development of innovative technologies in

WBP production at the European level

- Collate and analyse information on WBP related research activities and facilitate an effective

and rapid European-wide sharing of research results

- Inform the industry about available research capabilities, expertise and facilities and how to

access these

- Stimulate the development of interdisciplinary approaches in WBP research

- Provide information on national research programmes and possibilities in Europe

- Strengthen the WBP sector to prepare for joint research projects at an European level

- Increase financial involvement of industry in research with the academic community

- Identify trade barriers to WBP caused by different national codes, standards, regulations and


- Reduce the differences in interpretations of European standards

- Develop strategies to increase the use of WBP, taking into account the inherent capabilities of

the materials

- Disseminate knowledge and information about WBP to the wider scientific and public


- Prepare an outlook of the future trends and developments in the WBP sector from European and

intercontinental point of view

Scientific and technological objectives

This COST Action will facilitate activity in the following fields:

- Enhance existing WBP and stimulate product innovations through a knowledge-based R&D


- Optimise the ecological and technological properties of WBP

- Improve automation and control technologies for all stages of the production processes

- Minimise environmental impact of production processes

- Adaptation/Modification of the production processes caused by external influences, e.g. raw

material supply situation

- Provide information on suitability of WBP for new and existing building systems

- Improve techniques for modelling and simulation of WBP production and performance

- Enhance the understanding of the relationships between process, structure and product

performance on a micro and macro scale

- Integrate fundamental research with applied science on WBP process technologies and products

All activities will be conducted against the background of current and future international markets

(e.g., Europe, China, North America). Results of these activities will help the industry to reduce its

costs and therefore improve its competitiveness.

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General Information*

Chair of the Action:

Dr Mark Anthony IRLE (FR)

Vice Chair of the Action:


Science officer of the Action:


Administrative officer of the Action:



Action Fact Sheet

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Progress Report

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