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FPS COST Action E18
High performance in wood coating

The main objective of COST Action E18 was to improve the performance, durability and environmental properties of coated wood structures and products.Within this COST Action a comprehensive overview of organic coatings for wood - interior and exterior - has been established, research initiated and recommendations for further research given. Particular emphasis has been devoted to interaction between wood and finish and the performance of exterior as well as interior finishes.

The level of the various achievements of the Action ranges from sophisticated mathematical calculation models for prediction of service life and durability to practically applicable methods for the determination of key properties of coatings in production lines. Building on time series forecasting, reliability models and Bayesian statistics the close cooperation of researchers in this Action resulted in improved European understanding and the introduction of predictive techniques. At the technical level, the Action has stimulated the development of cost-efficient test methods such as testing tools for scratch resistance of furniture finishes, chemical analysis for detection of uncured acrylic monomers as well as a method for the quick quantification of microvoid defects in coatings procedures already applicable in the production process.

In the light of the European legislation on VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), the Action has also addressed environmental issues relevant to the furniture industry by promoting the development of more environmental friendly finishes and the improvement of the durability of exterior coating systems, particularly with regard to resistance against fungal colonisation, especially as limitations in the use of biocides are becoming an increasing challenge.

The results of COST Action E18 have been transmitted to industry in the frame of the 4th International Woodcoatings Congress held on 25-27 October 2004 in The Hague, Netherlands; by a very well attended Conference on EU’s VOC-directive in Udine, Italy, 25-26 November 2004; and by industrial participation in the different workshops, seminars and conferences of the Action.

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