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FPS COST Action E15
Advances in the drying of wood

COST Action E15, aimed at a further development of industrial applications in wood drying, has successfully contributed to a better understanding of physics controlling the moisture transport through wood cell structure by developing new physical models and numerical simulation on various levels of sophistication both in fundamentals and in industrial applications.

A Working Group of the Action has successfully developed new simulation models for the optimisation of kiln drying processes. An active information transfer from research to industry resulted in the development of computer programmes building on these models. These programmes are already widely used by leading kiln operators and have led to a considerable improvement of the drying processes and, consequently, to a reduction of energy consumption and waste. In this context, the development of new types of adaptive control systems for kiln drying by COST Action E15, building on more effective temperature measurements of the circulating air, has raised the efficiency of the systems in use.

The improvement of numerical simulations by COST Action E15 has facilitated the development and implementation of new technologies, such as high frequency drying, allowing the drying of certain timber species to be up to 15 times faster in comparison with traditional technologies.

The stimulation of the use of X-ray CT-scanning by COST Action E15 has led to successful results in the monitoring of moisture profiles allowing the development of further advanced moisture transport models necessary for future improvement of drying processes.

Furthermore, COST Action E15 has been successful in compiling the widely scattered information on timber drying in the form of a comprehensive reference book for practitioners in the field.

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