FA Action COST FA1001
The application of innovative fundamental food-structure-property relationships to the design of foods for health, wellness and pleasure

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The food industry is constantly challenged to meet consumer demands for new food products that are safe, convenient, affordable, pleasurable and healthy. An understanding of fundamental structure-function relationships of food components is a key to the design of new foods. Ingredient formulation and production processes have a major role in commercial food development but their impact on food structure is poorly characterised. Furthermore the influence of structure and physical properties on the nutritional and health inducing properties of foods (e.g. bioavailability/efficacy of nutrients/ bioactives) has received very little research. This Action will create an interdisciplinary team to apply the fundamental structure-properties knowledge of multiphase-foods (foams, emulsions) to real food systems, with a view to designing end-products with good sensory quality and health benefits. The Action will create an expert network to bridge the gap between material scientists, food technologists and nutritionists.


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