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FA COST Action FA1206
Strigolactones: biological roles and applications

Strigolactones (SLs) are newly discovered phytohormones that contribute to define plant morphology, also in response to environmental conditions, and to the dialogue with organisms in the rhizosphere. As a consequence, SLs have become a cutting-edge topic in plant biology and agronomy, having a great potential in modern agriculture. However, little is known about how they act, their biosynthesis and signaling pathways. Because of their both endogenous and exogenous role as signaling molecules, SLs are well placed to mediate both adaptive changes in the plant architecture and beneficial rhizosphere interactions. Even though SLs are a prime interest for many laboratories across disciplines, there are no official networks neither in Europe nor in the rest of the world on this subject. An outcome of an EU network on this subject would be sustaining and promoting the EU leadership in SLs-related sciences, the coordination of SLs research activities and a transfer of knowledge which may lead to the development of targeted and sustainable agro-technologies. The aim of this proposal is the creation of such multidisciplinary network of experts, of both basic and applied sciences, who can share expertise through the flexibility of the COST framework.

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Prof Cristina PRANDI (IT)

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Dr Hinanit KOLTAI (IL)

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