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FA COST Action FA0801
Critical success factors for fish larval production in European Aquaculture: a multidisciplinary network (LARVANET)

Sustainable growth of the European aquaculture industry requires an improved knowledge basis that allows a predictable supply of high quality juvenile fish for the grow-out phase and up to the consumers' standards. Relatively low survival rates and sub-optimal quality are largely attributed to uncontrolled problems during larval rearing, and lack of tools for early prediction of larval phenotype and quality. There are over 100 universities, colleges and research institutions in Europe involved in aquaculture, as well as an equal number of research institutions. Currently the European aquaculture industry produces about 1.3 million tonnes of fish, equal to one third of the EU fishery value. The aim of this COST Action was to contribute to the scientific knowledge basis as to support a sustainable development of aquaculture. This required identifying critical success factors and gaps in knowledge in order to overcome the present limiting predictable mass supply of quality juveniles. The multidisciplinary network of researchers and producers intended to achieve this through integration of knowledge obtained in national and European research projects and practical experience. This Action contributed to a better understanding of fish larval physiology, identify quality and performance predictors for larval-juvenile production and enhance a rapid development of improved production protocols and hatchery management procedures. Keywords: juveniles production for aquaculture, fish larvae, nutrition, disease control, quality indices

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Prof Amos TANDLER (IL)

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Mr Christophe PEETERS


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