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FA COST Action 923
Multidisciplinary Hen Egg Research

Despite the lack of anticipated funds in the first year, all activities were completed within the lifespan of the Action. The Action was able to initiate a network called “The Center of Exellence for Hen Eggs”, which is ready to find a proper “call” in FP7 Work Programme 2007-8.

The Action arranged several very successful meetings alongside major European scientific events. For example, in Verona, at the XII European Poultry Conference on 10-14 September 2006, many speakers came from COST 923,and all the speakers in the first seminar on 10th of September were “COST people”. The seminar was arranged by WPSA working group 4 chaired by Yves Nys.

A major milestone is the the book entitled “Bioactive Egg Compounds Characterisation and Application”,. This will cover the whole field of our activities during the years 2002-2004. When it is published (late 2007), it will hopefully provide an excellent source for exploring the hen’s egg, its components and new products that can be made from these eggs. The most important results of Cost 923 Action,are:

1. the network itself including active web pages

2. the book: Bioactive Egg Compounds Characterisation and Application

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Mr Christophe PEETERS


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