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FA COST Action 848
Multi-facetted research in rabbits: a model to develop a healthy and safe production in respect with animal welfare

The main objective of the Action was to create a multidisciplinary model to improve the fundamental and applied knowledge about rabbits in commercial rabbitries. It would propose production and prevention methods at the European level, in order to guarantee a regular, secure and economical production. Natural, sustainable methods respecting animal welfare and delivering a quality product adapted to the actual wishes of the European consumer would be used.

Several harmonisation procedures developed during the COST Action were adapted by the “World Rabbit Science Association” and published in their journal (3 guidelines: semen handling, reproduction trials, and nutrition experiments)

Several overview publications were made to transfer in a clear way the results to the industry: tables with the nutritive value of raw materials for rabbits; role of fibres in rabbit feeding for digestive troubles prevention; nutritional quality of rabbit meat). Many results of COST 848 were used by the EFSA panel to prepare their scientific report entitled:”The impact of the current housing and husbandry systems on health and welfare of farmed domestic rabbits”.

As final dissemination of the results, a book is in progress and will be published in 2006. All the relevant achievements will be included in this book titled: “Advances in rabbit research in framework of COST 848”.

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Mr Christophe PEETERS


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