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ESSEM COST Action ES1309

Management Committee

MC Chair Dr Alasdair MACARTHUR (UK)
MC Vice Chair Dr Micol ROSSINI (IT)

Working Group Leaders

WG Leader Dr Andreas HUENI
WG Leader Dr Enrico TOMELLERI
WG Leader Dr Christiaan VAN DER TOL

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COST Participants

Country MC Member
Austria Dr Georg WOHLFAHRT
Austria Dr Hannes KLEINDIENST
Belgium Dr Manuela BALZAROLO
Belgium Prof Frank VEROUSTRAETE
Bulgaria Prof Rumiana VATSEVA
Croatia Prof Branimir K. HACKENBERGER
Cyprus Dr Giorgos PAPADAVID
Czech Republic Dr Daniel KOVAC
Denmark Prof Rasmus FENSHOLT
Denmark Dr Monica GARCIA
Estonia Dr Lea HALLIK
Estonia Mr Joel KUUSK
Finland Dr Albert PORCAR-CASTELL
Finland Dr Tea THUM
France Dr Jean-Louis ROUJEAN
France Dr Yves GOULAS
Germany Mr Andreas BURKART
Greece Dr Leonidas TOULIOS
Greece Mr Antonis KAVVADIAS
Hungary Dr Zoltán NAGY
Ireland Dr Conor CAHALANE
Ireland Dr John CONNOLLY
Israel Dr Anatoly GITELSON
Italy Dr Micol ROSSINI
Italy Dr Loris VESCOVO
Latvia Dr Dainis JAKOVELS
Luxembourg Dr Martin SCHLERF
Netherlands Dr Christiaan VAN DER TOL
Norway Dr Hans TOMMERVIK
Norway Dr Rune STORVOLD
Poland Dr Jaroslaw CHORMANSKI
Poland Prof Janusz OLEJNIK
Portugal Dr Joao SILVA
Portugal Dr Jan KEIZER
Romania Dr Dan SPOREA
Romania Dr Gheorghe STANCALIE
Spain Dr Pilar MARTIN
Spain Prof Jose MORENO
Sweden Prof Lars EKLUNDH
Sweden Dr Matthias PEICHL
Switzerland Dr Andreas HUENI
Switzerland Dr Mathias KNEUBUEHLER
Turkey Prof Eyup Selim KOKSAL
United Kingdom Dr Mark NEAL
United Kingdom Dr Karen ANDERSON
Country MC Substitute
Austria Dr Albin HAMMERLE
Belgium Prof Louis FRANCOIS
Bulgaria Mr Hristo NIKOLOV
Denmark Dr Héctor NIETO
Denmark Dr Torbern TAGESSON
Finland Prof Sanna KAASALAINEN
Finland ■ Ms Outi MEINANDER
Germany Prof Uwe RASCHER
Hungary Ms Krisztina PINTÉR
Italy Dr Enrico TOMELLERI
Italy Dr Karolina SAKOWSKA
Norway Dr Stian Hallvard Grytness LOVOLD
Norway Prof Mikael LINDGREN
Poland Dr Radoslaw JUSZCZAK
Portugal Dr Sofia CERASOLI
Romania Dr Adelina SPOREA
Romania Dr Lavinia TOFAN
Romania Dr Laura MIHAI
Spain Prof Josep PEÑUELAS
Switzerland Dr Helge AASEN
Switzerland Dr Werner EUGSTER
United Kingdom Prof Natascha KLJUN

COST Near Neighbour Countries

Institution Name MC Observer
Scientific Centre for Aerospace Research of the Earth, Institute of Geological Science, NASU Dr Taras Kazantsev

COST International Partner Countries

Institution Name MC Observer
University of Wisconsin-Madison ■ Prof Philip Townsend
University of Alberta ■ Prof John Gamon
School of Land and Food, University of Tasmania Dr Arko Lucieer

Specific Organisations

Organisation Name MC Observer
ESA - European Space Agency, Campaigns Section, Mission Science Division ■ Dr Dirk Schuettemeyer

General Information*

Chair of the Action:

Dr Alasdair MACARTHUR (UK)

Vice Chair of the Action:


Science officer of the Action:

Dr Karina MARCUS

Administrative officer of the Action:

Mr Christophe PEETERS


Action Fact Sheet

Download AFS as .RTF

Memorandum of Understanding

Download MoU as PDF

Second Progress Report

Download Second Progress Report as PDF


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