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ESSEM COST Action ES1203

Management Committee

MC Chair Prof Kari LAINE (FI)
MC Vice Chair Dr Oddvar SKRE (NO)

Working Group Leaders

WG Leader Prof Apostolos KYRIAZOPOULOS
WG Leader Dr Marja-Liisa SUTINEN
WG Leader Prof Maria NIJNIK
WG Leader Dr Miglena ZHIYANSKI

■ Data registration in e-COST pending subject to online registration and nomination acceptance by nominee.

COST Participants

Country MC Member
Austria Prof Douglas GODBOLD
Austria ■ Dr Gerhard WIESER
Bosnia and Herzegovina Dr Srđan KEREN
Bulgaria Dr Miglena ZHIYANSKI
Czech Republic Dr Pavel CUDLIN
Czech Republic ■ Dr Jaroslav BOHAC
Finland Dr Marja-Liisa SUTINEN
Finland Mr Jouko INKERÖINEN
fYR Macedonia Dr Vlatko ANDONOVSKI
Germany Prof Gabriele BROLL
Germany Prof Friedrich-Karl HOLTMEIER
Greece Prof Eleni ABRAHAM
Greece Prof Apostolos KYRIAZOPOULOS
Iceland Dr Asa L. ARADOTTIR
Iceland ■ Dr Johann THORSSON
Ireland Dr Mark HEALY
Italy Prof Stefano GREGO
Italy Prof Roberto TOGNETTI
Norway Prof Annika HOFGAARD
Norway Dr Oddvar SKRE
Poland Dr Wojciech MROZ
Poland ■ Prof. Maria RUDAWSKA
Portugal Dr António MONTEIRO
Romania Dr Lucian DINCA
Romania ■ Dr Stelian BORZ
Serbia Dr Andrej PILIPOVIC
Slovakia ■ Dr Viliam PICHLER
Slovakia ■ Dr Jozef VALKA
Slovenia Dr Matija KLOPCIC
Slovenia ■ Prof Andrej BONCINA
Spain Prof. Concepcion L. ALADOS
Spain ■ Prof. Josep Maria NINOT
Sweden Dr Helena BYLUND
Sweden ■ Dr Robert BJÖRK
Switzerland Dr Andreas RIGLING
Switzerland Prof Harald BUGMANN
Turkey Prof Ibrahim YILMAZ
Turkey Prof Hakan DOYGUN
United Kingdom Prof Maria NIJNIK
United Kingdom Dr Bruce NICOLL
Country MC Substitute
Bulgaria Ms Evguenia SLAVTCHEVA
Bulgaria Prof Mariya SOKOLOVSKA
Czech Republic Dr Pavel FORMANEK
Czech Republic ■ Dr Alena KULASOVA
fYR Macedonia Mr Dragi POP-STOJANOV
Greece Dr Panagiota KOSTOPOULOU
Greece ■ Prof Kalliopi RADOGLOU
Iceland Dr Kristín SVAVARSDÓTTIR
Iceland ■ Dr Ragnhildur SIGURDARDOTTIR
Iceland ■ Dr Ulfur OSKARSSON
Italy Dr Nicola LA PORTA
Italy ■ Prof Renzo MOTTA
Norway Dr Stein Rune KARLSEN
Norway Prof Frans-Emil WIELGOLASKI
Poland Dr Jaroslaw SOCHA
Poland Dr Bogdan WERTZ
Slovakia Prof Tatiana KLUVANKOVA
Slovenia Dr Ales POLJANEC
Slovenia Dr Andrej FICKO
Slovenia ■ Ms Tina SIMONCIC
Spain Dr Jose BARQUIN
Spain ■ Mr Oriol GRAU
United Kingdom Dr Bill MASON
United Kingdom Dr David MILLER
United Kingdom Dr Kate BEAUCHAMP
United Kingdom Ms Alice BROOME
United Kingdom ■ Dr Jose MUNOZ-ROGAS

COST Participants subject to MC permission and MoU acceptance

Country MC Member
France Dr Didier GALOP

COST Near Neighbour Countries

Institution Name MC Observer
Ukrainian National Forestry University Dr Lyudmyla Zahvoyska
Ukrainian National Forestry University Prof Ihor Soloviy
Ukrainian Research Institute of Mountain Forestry Dr Taras Parpan

General Information*

Chair of the Action:

Prof Kari LAINE (FI)

Vice Chair of the Action:

Dr Oddvar SKRE (NO)

Science officer of the Action:


Administrative officer of the Action:



Action Fact Sheet

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Memorandum of Understanding

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Action website:

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