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ESSEM COST Action ES0902
Permafrost and gas hydrate related methane release in the Arctic and impact on climate change - European cooperation for long-term monitoring (PERGAMON)

The main objective is to quantify the methane input from marine and terrestrial sources into the atmosphere in the Arctic region, and ultimately to evaluate the impact of Arctic methane seepage on global climate. The Arctic is a key area in our anthropogenically-warming world as massive releases of methane currently locked up in permafrost and gas hydrates, both on land and in marine sediments, could increase atmospheric concentrations of this greenhouse gas much faster than predicted. The vast Arctic continental shelf, wetlands and Tundra might become major emitters of methane in the future. At present, there are a handful of unconnected projects involving research on methane seepage in this area. The exchange of information about these ongoing and also planned activities with respect to gas hydrate destabilization and permafrost thawing is minimal within the EU and almost non-existent at an international level. The aim of this Action is to promote networking between the disparate groups within the EU, and to develop coherent links between the terrestrial and marine communities, with the ultimate goal of establishing a long-term monitoring project led by members of the EU, but also involving experts from Russia, the US and Canada. In order to achieve these objectives, work-visits, workshops, electronic-newsletters, sessions at conferences, data compilation and joint field campaigns are planned together with lobbying on EU and national levels to promote research on this important topic.

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Prof Patrick CRILL (SE)

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Ms Carmencita MALIMBAN


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