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ESSEM COST Action 718
Meteorological Applications for Agriculture

The main objectives of the Action were to improve the meteorological applications to agriculture. In order to meet this objective, the Action dealt with three broad topics: data requirements and availability of meteorological data for agrometeorological models; the scope and application of crop and disease and pest models; and the dissemination of agrometeorological information to the end-users. The Action succeeded in bringing methods for using numerical weather prediction outputs as inputs into agrometeorological models. The Action has brought an on line web based version of an agrometeorological model for practical use with the links from the Action’s web site. During the course of the Action, it was added a topic on the use of agrometeorological models to study the impact of climate change. The work on the use of agrometeorological models to study the impact of climate change is very significant in today’s world. How climate change will potentially impact real world problems in agriculture such as controlling pest and diseases is one of the most important issues and most commonly asked by farmers and decision-makers. The Action has succeeded to set a close cooperation with the Commission of Agriculture Meteorology of World Meteorological Organization in some coordinated activities.

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