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ESSEM COST Action 717
Use of radar observation in hydrological and NWP models

The general objective of the Action - to examine and define the requirements on European radar data for their use in Numerical Weather Prediction and hydrological models, in order to increase the level of management of river flow in rural and urban catchments brought together radar engineers, meteorologists and hydrologists.They initiated a European-wide action to homogenise procedures related to radar data. This effort continues beyond the duration of the Action in EUMETNET`s OPERA initiative. The Action acted as a nucleus for follow on work in COST Action 731, which is focused more on the quality and uncertainty of meteorological observations, along with their impacts on hydro-meteorological outputs from advanced forecast systems. The Action also made a major contribution to the genesis of series of European Conferences on Radar Meteorology, which became one of the main channels of the dissemination of the results.

(Descriptions are provided by the Actions directly via e-COST.)


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