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ESSEM COST Action 625
3-D Monitoring of Active Tectonic Structure

The main goal of the Action was the 3D monitoring of micro-displacements on active tectonic structures. This requires establishing and networking local monitoring points on selected fault planes in tectonically active regions. Data on detailed 3-D micro-displacements was interpreted, providing a new opportunity to detect long-term trends, and other characteristics, and to find correlations with other scientific findings and known regional measurements. The results will help to minimize hazards coming from earthquakes and minor tectonic movements endangering construction projects such as pipe lines, roads and bridges. Research advances occurred in two main fields:1) studying and understanding the kinematic, mechanics and seismic behaviour of active tectonic structures and 2) establishing monitoring networks in the field.

This Action formed more than 10 networks in the area of monitoring and evaluation of tectonic deformations that will be useful for future collaboration between European laboratories. It also established more than 25 monitored structures in active regions of the territories of PL, CZ, D, SK, BG, GR, I, SLO and E. International co-operation took place at meetings and in the field, where 93 3D crack gauges where in operation (55 of these were installed during the action). More than 5 networks were covered with high precision GPS. Resulting 3D gauge monitoring data were evaluated centrally in Prague, CZ and GPS data centrally in Wroclaw, PL and Granada/JaƩn E. Results were made available to all the partners. An exchange of information on research needs and on-going research activities in Europe related to this research field was a key Action achievement.

Results were presented in scientific congresses and publications, and diffused through specific workshops and a web site organized by COST Action 625.

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