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CMST COST Action D18
Lanthanide Chemistry for Diagnosis and Therapy

The main objective of COST Action D18 has been to increase the knowledge of the chemistry of lanthanide(III) chelates and to apply this knowledge to the development of novel diagnostic agents and to therapy through an interdisciplinary approach that, starting from chemists, has involved physicists, biologists and physicians. The main achievements of this Action are the following: * High sensitive luminescent lanthanide complexes that can be used as sensors in bio-medical assays and as probes in Molecular Imaging studies. * Improved Gd-based contrast agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI, applications thanks to an in-depth understanding and control of the determinants of their proton relaxation enhancement properties. * Novel targeting and responsive lanthanide-based agents for MRI detection and diseased tissues and organs, including the set-up of the innovative contrast-enhancing procedure based on Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer. * Use of radio-lanthanides in therapy utilizing their radiation properties as radioisotopes for endoradiotherapy or induced by external radiation. The scientific and technical cooperation within the Action has resulted in a high number of joint publications and numerous scientific exchanges among the member teams. The collaboration within D18 has allowed creating a scientific community able to integrate research teams with different levels of skill and expertise. The links established among D18 members constitute an important contribution to build the European Research Area. Along the years, the close collaboration within D18 has granted full access to specialised equipment and methodologies that were available only in few laboratories. This collaboration will continue beyond Action D18 as several former member groups are currently involved in the activities of two NoEs approved in the field of Molecular Imaging.

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General Information*

Vice Chair of the Action:

Prof Robert MULLER (BE)

Science officer of the Action:

Dr Lucia FORZI

Administrative officer of the Action:

Ms Svetlana VOINOVA


Action Fact Sheet

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Memorandum of Understanding

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Mid-term Report

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Final Report

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