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CMST COST Action D17
Oligomers, Polymers and Copolymers via Metal Catalysis

The main objective of COST Action D17 has been an increase of the understanding of the principles of oligomerisation, polymerisation and co-polymerisation of unsaturated hydrocarbons via metal catalysis combining efforts of both academics and industries for a sustainable development of the European chemical industry. The final goal was the discovery of a new generation of single-site transition metal catalysts for the selective transformation of alkenes and alkynes into polymeric materials with improved performance parametres through less costly and environmentally friendly manufacturing procedures.

The research programme carried out under Action D17 has embraced several major problems of polymer chemistry and technology, such as co-polymerisation of olefins with carbon monoxide, novel controlled radical polymerisations, metallocene-initiated polymerisation of olefins, and machine-coupled with chemistry post-modification of polyolefins, just to mention a few highlights. Special focus has been placed upon the formation of multiphase and multicomponent polymers, such as polymer blends, nanocomposites, and hybrid materials. To attain these goals, Action D17 has pursued new synthetic methods, sometimes called precision polymerisation, that might enable the fine control of macromolecular architectures. A key to this challenge was envisaged in the design and development of new catalysts and initiating systems, and the new polymerisation mechanisms that shall result from them.

Research groups from sixty six scientific institutions have closely collaborated within COST Action D17 and the results obtained by this network comprise a multitude of research papers in peer-reviewed journals as well as several patents.

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Prof Pierre H. DIXNEUF (FR)

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Dr Lucia FORZI

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