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CMST COST Action CM1102

Management Committee

MC Chair Prof Bruce TURNBULL (UK)
MC Vice Chair Prof Jean-Louis REYMOND (CH)

Working Group Leaders

WG Leader Prof Alessandro CASNATI
WG Leader Prof Roland PIETERS
WG Leader Prof Vladimir KREN
WG Leader Dr Anne IMBERTY

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COST Participants

Country MC Member
Austria Prof Christina SCHÄFFER
Belgium Prof Tom DESMET
Czech Republic Prof Vladimir KREN
Denmark Prof Seunghwan LEE
Denmark Prof Knud J. JENSEN
Finland Prof Reko LEINO
Finland Prof Risto RENKONEN
France Dr Sebastien VIDAL
France Dr Anne IMBERTY
Germany Prof Lothar ELLING
Germany Prof Thisbe LINDHORST
Ireland Prof Paul MURPHY
Ireland Prof Stefan OSCARSON
Israel Prof Alejandro SOSNIK
Italy Prof Cristina NATIVI
Italy Prof Alessandro CASNATI
Netherlands Prof Roland PIETERS
Norway Prof Berit Smestad PAULSEN
Portugal Dr Antonio BAPTISTA
Portugal Dr Miguel MACHUQUEIRO
Slovakia Dr Igor TVAROSKA
Spain Dr Marco MARRADI
Spain Dr Cristina VICENT
Switzerland Prof Markus AEBI
Switzerland Prof Jean-Louis REYMOND
Turkey Dr Deniz BAS
Turkey Prof Basak KAYITMAZER
United Kingdom Dr Martina LAHMANN
Country MC Substitute
Austria Prof Paul MESSNER
Finland Prof Jukka FINNE
France Prof Olivier RENAUDET
France Prof Franck FIESCHI
Germany ■ Karl-Erich JAEGER
Italy Dr Francesco SANSONE
Italy Dr Barbara RICHICHI
Serbia Dr Marijana STOJANOVIC
Spain Prof Soledad PENADES
Switzerland Prof Beat ERNST
Turkey Prof Mustafa Ozgur GULER
United Kingdom Dr David FULTON

COST International Partner Countries

Institution Name MC Observer
Universidad Nacional de La Pampa Dr Javier Breccia
Callaghan Innovation Research Limited Dr Phillip Rendle

General Information*

Chair of the Action:

Prof Bruce TURNBULL (UK)

Vice Chair of the Action:

Prof Jean-Louis REYMOND (CH)

Science officer of the Action:

Dr Lucia FORZI

Administrative officer of the Action:

Ms Svetlana VOINOVA


Action Fact Sheet

Download AFS as .RTF

Memorandum of Understanding

Download MoU as PDF

Progress Report

Download Progress Report as PDF


Download Poster as PDF


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