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CMST COST Action CM0904
Network for intermetallic compounds as catalysts for steam reforming of methanol (IMC-SRM)

The main objective of this Action is to establish a dedicated platform and a knowledge-based approach for the development of intermetallic compounds as methanol steam reforming catalysts. The deep understanding of the underlying processes will enable a rational development of catalysts with high economic impact. This Action is generating the fundamentals necessary to develop the next generation of industrial catalysts for clean hydrogen production via one step steam reforming of methanol, a basic building block of many future applications - mobile and stationary - of a hydrogen-based economy, meeting European economic and societal needs.

Due to its huge socio-economic impact, methanol steam reforming is a catalytic application with a high potential and a world wide impact. Methanol is an efficient and easy to handle hydrogen carrier, thus being distinguished for a hydrogen based energy infrastructure. Intermetallic compounds have an enormous potential as catalysts thanks to their electronic and geometric structure. In different scientific groups research on intermetallic compounds or methanol steam reforming is ongoing independently. This COST action aims at connecting these groups and coordinating R&D, developing a knowledge-based scientific approach, Technological Road Maps and initiation of new joint research projects to bridge knowledge gaps, driven by scientific curiosity, as well as by industrial and societal needs. The network delivers, along with the proof of principle, a final Technological Road Map to stable and highly selective catalysts for methanol steam reforming ready for industrial implementation. Development and implementation of this road map will be achieved through dedicated projects with external funding (national and international level).

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Prof G√ľnther RUPPRECHTER (AT)

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Dr Lucia FORZI

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