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CMST COST Action CM0802
European Phosphorus Sciences Network (PhoSciNet)

The European Phosphorus Sciences Network (PhoSciNet): A Knowledge Platform for Advanced Applications The objective of this COST Action is to provide a knowledge platform to advance applications in materials science, catalysis, and bioscience-related fields by embedding the advantageous properties of (organo)phosphorus components. Especially important classes of phosphorus-based compounds to be investigated are polymers, organometallic heterocycles, precursors for nanomaterials, chemically robust P-C cages, novel low-cost catalyst ligands, and designed (organo)phosphorus reagents. Within the Action, a European Sciences Network (PhoSciNet) will be established to bring together researchers from European countries, candidate countries, and transformation states for the exchange of knowledge and techniques in these modern, rapidly evolving fields in which building-block methodologies and structure-reactivity correlations are key components. This will be accomplished by annual European Phosphorus Workshops (EuroPhos), intensive exchanges of young researchers, and an internet platform for monitoring and streamlining of innovations in the phosphorus sciences. Industrial partners will be involved in PhoSciNet to ensure rapid and effective technology transfer. The network will facilitate Europe's continued global leadership in the increasingly fierce competition with Asian, American, and other non-European activities in the many new strategic areas related to phosphorus chemistry such as the developing of novel phosphorus-embedded materials, catalysts, and bioorganic compounds. Keywords: phosphorus science, materials science, asymmetric catalysis, nanomaterials, green chemistry

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Prof Evamarie HEY-HAWKINS (DE)

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Dr Lucia FORZI

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