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CA COST Action CA17123
Ultrafast opto-magneto-electronics for non-dissipative information technology

The explosive growth of digital data use and storage leads to an enormous rise in energy consumption, which is rapidly becoming unsustainable. Ultrafast opto-magneto-electronics is an emerging field that combines the ideas and concepts of opto-magnetism and spin transport with photonics for ultrafast low-dissipative manipulation and storage of information. Both light and spin currents can control magnetic order, but mechanisms as well as corresponding time scales and energy dissipation differ. The MAGNETOFON Action aims at the best of both worlds, combining short time scales and non-dissipative propagation of light with nanoscale selectivity and strong interactions of spin currents. The ultimate goal is to create and implement non-volatile, low-dissipative, and ultrafast functional elements for data technology.

The research objectives of the MAGNETOFON Action will be achieved by combining the existing expertise of the scientific communities dealing with ultrafast magnetism, spintronics, magnonics, photonics and advanced spectroscopy, and by sharing the new knowledge arising from the exchange between them. This Action will result in a considerable leap in the quality and effectiveness of research in Europe, by bridging the existing gaps between these areas.

The ambition of the Action is to initiate a breakthrough in the field of low-dissipative opto-magnetism and femtosecond spintronics with the help of a joint scientific program bringing together presently nearly non-overlapping scientific communities. By training a new generation of scientists at the interface of the involved disciplines, further development of the field will be ensured together with a successful translation of the scientific breakthroughs into innovative technological solutions.

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Prof Andrei Kirilyuk

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