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CA COST Action CA16218

Superconducting technologies are prime candidates to ripen quantum effects into devices and applications. The accumulated knowledge in decades of work in understanding superconductivity allows scientists now to make experiments by design, controlling relevant parameters in devices. A new field is emerging whose final objective is to improve appliances taking advantage of quantum effects, be it for dissipationless transport of current, generation of high magnetic fields, sensors or quantum information. The field will impact crucial areas for societal development, including energy, transport, medicine or computation. Quantum behavior is controlled by using hybrids of superconductors with magnets, insulators, semiconductors or normal metals. Traditionally, the scientific and technical communities working in superconductivity are spread across projects from different calls, whose activities put Europe at the frontier of research. The present Action aims to address the pressing need for a common place to share knowledge and infrastructure and develop new cooperative projects.

To this end, we have set-up a program including networking activities with an open, proactive and inclusive approach to other researchers and industry. We will develop the concept of a Virtual Institute to improve availability of infrastructure and knowledge, and focus on contributing to gender balance and the participation of young researchers. The proposal aims to avoid duplication of resources and skills in a subject traditionally dominated by small groups working independently. This will optimize European efforts in this area and uncover our full potential, thus maintaining and developing Europe’s leading position in superconducting quantum technologies.

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General Information*

Chair of the Action:

Dr Hermann SUDEROW (ES)

Vice Chair of the Action:

Prof Francesco TAFURI (IT)

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