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CA COST Action CA16215
European network for the promotion of portable, affordable and simple analytical platforms

Research in separation science is a thriving field with dedicated journals and conferences. This research area is dominated by the so-called “big scientific instruments”, which allowed multiple breakthroughs in health, forensics, pollution or agri/food. However, the high cost of such instruments and the need for skilled professionals to operate them are limiting their use to a few social and economic spheres of society. Modern separation techniques are no longer limited to large instrumentation, with numerous studies demonstrating the possibility of achieving fast and efficient analysis using low-cost devices. Such tools would be highly beneficial to SMEs and small organisations that do not have the financial and human resources to afford big and expensive instruments. It is therefore of economic and societal interest to facilitate and promote a wider use of such analyticals platforms. Having low budget organisations in mind, such instruments should be affordable and simple to use, allowing their utilisation by inexpert staff. Ideally, they should also be portable allowing their use on site/in the field and be easily carried around.  

The portASAP Cost Action (European Network for the Promotion of PORTable, Affordable and Simple Analytical Platforms) aims to work toward this goal by involving scientists working in separation sciences, engineers, chemometricians and other scientific fields, with end-users without expertise in analytical chemistry and instrument manufacturers. PortASAP will provide a platform where analytical needs in applied areas can be matched with expertise. It will also provide formation and promote awareness regarding the potential of low-cost analytical techniques.

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General Information*

Chair of the Action:

Dr Guillaume ERNY (PT)

Vice Chair of the Action:

Dr Mercedes VAZQUEZ (IE)

Science officer of the Action:

Dr Karina MARCUS

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