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CA COST Action CA16207
European Network for Problematic Usage of the Internet

Problematic use of the internet (PUI) and its impact on the health and wellbeing of European citizens represents an emerging challenge for mental health research. The aim of this Cost Action is to bring together a multidisciplinary and geographically diverse group of experts and opinion leaders under one European-led Network, to leverage the existing funded research into a more coherent programme to advance the understanding of PUI from a bio-psycho-social perspective, clarify the  brain-based undergirdings and develop effective interventions.

The Network will invite experts in animal and human neuroscience, genetics, clinicians and the bio- and information-technology industries to join together with policy makers, health service planners, patients and carers in an integrated four-year work-plan designed to  1) share knowledge, interchange ideas and best practice to generate common science and technology programmes, 2) address training gaps and build research capacity, 3) strengthen science and technology communication, 4) foster integration of less research-intensive countries and 5) promote new trans-disciplinary, translational approaches to tackle PUI.

In so doing, this COST Action will deliver a platform to advance brain-based research into PUI and drive forward the development of (I) clinical tools and treatment-targets (II) therapeutic interventions that may be broadly applied and to improve health and wellbeing, (III) biomarkers to enable early detection of PUI in at-risk subjects before symptoms become apparent, leading to (IV) early intervention strategies to prevent progression, chronicity and the development of costly co-morbidities such as anxiety and depression, and (V) health promotion through public-patient involvement (PPI) and health and social policy advance.

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General Information*

Chair of the Action:

Prof Naomi FINEBERG (UK)

Vice Chair of the Action:

Prof Joseph ZOHAR (IL)

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