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CA COST Action CA15124
A new Network of European BioImage Analysts to advance life science imaging (NEUBIAS)

This Action is a programme for establishing a network of BioImage Analysts (BIAlysts), in order to maximize the impact of advances in imaging technology on the Life-Sciences (LSc), and to boost the productivity of bioimaging-based research projects in Europe. BIAlysts have recently emerged in various research institutions but these experts are still not well recognised in the LSc community. They are specialised in customising image analysis (IA) workflows by assembling and automating multiple computational tools, and by interacting with Software developers and Life Scientists to facilitate IA. The Action aims to provide a stronger identity to BIAlysts by organising a new type of meeting fostering interactions between all stakeholders including: Life scientists, BIAlysts, microscopists, developers and private sector. It will collaborate with European Imaging research infrastructures to set up best practice guidelines for IA. The Action plans to create an interactive database for BioImage analysis tools and workflows with annotated image sample datasets, to help matching practical needs in biological problems with software solutions. It will also implement a benchmarking platform for these tools. To increase the overall level of IA expertise in the LSc, the Action proposes a novel training programme with three levels of courses, releasing of open textbooks, and offering of a short term scientific missions programme to foster collaborations, IA-technology access, and knowledge transfer for scientists and specialists lacking these means. This Action will support the long-term scientific goals of European science and industry by bridging essential fields of scientific excellence.

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General Information*

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Prof Kota MIURA (DE)

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Dr Karina MARCUS

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