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CA COST Action CA15123

Management Committee

MC Chair Prof Herman GEUVERS (NL)
MC Vice Chair Dr Tarmo UUSTALU (EE)

Working Group Leaders

WG Leader Prof Andrej BAUER
WG Leader Ms Assia MAHBOUBI
WG Leader Dr Andreas ABEL
WG Leader Dr Keiko NAKATA

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COST Participants

Country MC Member
Austria Dr Cezary KALISZYK
Belgium Prof Pierre Yves SCHOBBENS
Belgium Dr Dominique DEVRIESE
Bosnia and Herzegovina Dr Samir OMANOVIC
Czech Republic Dr Josef URBAN
Denmark Dr Carsten SCHÜRMANN
Denmark Prof Lars BIRKEDAL
Estonia Dr Tarmo UUSTALU
Estonia Prof Varmo VENE
Finland Prof Sara NEGRI
France Dr Ralph MATTHES
France Ms Assia MAHBOUBI
fYR Macedonia Prof Marija MIHOVA
Germany Dr Keiko NAKATA
Germany Dr Martin HOFMANN
Greece Prof Petros STEFANEAS
Hungary Dr Ambrus KAPOSI
Ireland Prof Tiziana MARGARIA
Israel Dr Rafi COHEN
Italy Prof Marino MICULAN
Italy Prof Ugo DE' LIGUORO
Lithuania Prof Audrius LOPATA
Netherlands Dr Wouter SWIERSTRA
Norway Mr Kristian ALFSVAG
Norway Prof Marc BEZEM
Poland Dr Adam NAUMOWICZ
Poland Prof Aleksy SCHUBERT
Portugal Dr Luís PINTO
Portugal Dr Mário FLORIDO
Romania Prof Ioana LEUSTEAN
Romania Prof Dorel LUCANU
Serbia Dr Jelena IVETIC
Serbia Prof Silvia GHILEZAN
Slovenia Mr Gregor MOLAN
Slovenia Prof Andrej BAUER
Spain Dr Aleksandar NANEVSKI
Sweden Dr Andreas ABEL
Sweden Dr Peter LUMSDAINE
Switzerland Dr Dmitriy TRAYTEL
United Kingdom Dr Thorsten ALTENKIRCH
United Kingdom Dr Bernhard REUS
Country MC Substitute
Austria Mr Peter KIESEBERG
Austria Dr Lukasz CZAJKA
Belgium Mr Andreas NUYTS
Denmark Dr Marco CARBONE
Denmark Dr Thomas HILDEBRANDT
Finland ■ Prof Jan VON PLATO
France Prof Sandrine BLAZY
France Dr Hugo HERBELIN
Italy Prof Agostino CORTESI
Italy ■ Prof Davide ANCONA
Lithuania Ms Ilona VEITAITĖ
Norway Mr Stefano PICEGHELLO
Portugal Prof Joao COSTA SECO
Romania Prof Stefan CIOBACA
Romania ■ Prof Florin CRACIUN
Serbia Dr Bojan MARINKOVIĆ
Sweden Dr Ana BOVE
United Kingdom Dr Conor MCBRIDE
United Kingdom Prof Zhaohui LUO
United Kingdom Dr Nick BENTON

General Information*

Chair of the Action:

Prof Herman GEUVERS (NL)

Vice Chair of the Action:


Science officer of the Action:


Administrative officer of the Action:

Ms Nasrine MALANDA


Action Fact Sheet

Download AFS as .RTF

Memorandum of Understanding

Download MoU as PDF


Action website:

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