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CA COST Action CA15102
Solutions for Critical Raw Materials Under Extreme Conditions (CRM-EXTREME)

Difficulties in the access to critical raw materials (CRMs) are expected to depress industrial sectors vital to Europe.

The Action focuses on the substitution of CRMs (like Cr, Co, Nb, W, Y) in high value alloys and metal-matrix composites used under extreme conditions of temperature, loading, friction, wear, corrosion, in Energy, Transportation and Machinery manufacturing industries.

The Action aims to set up a network of expertise to define the state of knowledge and gaps in multi-scale modelling, synthesis, characterization, engineering design and recycling, that could find viable alternatives to CRMs and promote the industrial exploitation of substituted materials.

The Action envisions a fully Sustainable Value Chain approach for:

  • Machinery manufacturing industry

    • Alternatives for Co and W in WC/Co cemented carbide wear resistant tool materials (Hard Metals and Cutting Tools)
    • Alternatives for chromium- and tungsten-alloyed tool steels

  • Energy Industry

    • Reduction of Cr and Y in high-strength steel alloys
    • Alternatives for Cr and other CRMs by hard, wear and corrosion resistant surface coatings

  • Transportation Industry

    • Alternatives for Nb in high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel (Automotive)
    • Alternatives for high-temperature Ni-based superalloys (Aerospace)

A four-year Action oriented to strengthen collaboration between active researchers working in the different areas of investigation involving CRMs, is the most suitable initiative to seed the initial catalytic nucleus of growth for EU excellence in strategic CRMs substitution.

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General Information*

Chair of the Action:

Dr Maria Letizia RUELLO (IT)

Vice Chair of the Action:

Prof Pavel NOVÁK (CZ)

Science officer of the Action:


Administrative officer of the Action:



Action Fact Sheet

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Memorandum of Understanding

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Action website:

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