BMBS Action COST BM0901


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Action details

Draft MoU 216/09
CSO Approval date 26/05/2009
Entry into force 07/07/2009
End of Action 12/11/2013
End of prolongation -


Country Date Status
Austria 03/08/2009 Confirmed
Belgium 13/10/2010 Confirmed
Czech Republic 22/09/2010 Confirmed
Denmark 28/10/2009 Confirmed
Estonia 10/09/2009 Confirmed
Finland 07/01/2010 Confirmed
France 10/09/2009 Confirmed
Germany 07/07/2009 Confirmed
Greece 10/03/2010 Confirmed
Israel 07/07/2009 Confirmed
Italy 04/08/2009 Confirmed
Luxembourg 08/02/2010 Confirmed
Netherlands 07/07/2009 Confirmed
Norway 06/02/2012 Confirmed
Poland 07/07/2009 Confirmed
Spain 11/07/2009 Confirmed
Switzerland 31/07/2009 Confirmed
Turkey 16/09/2009 Confirmed
United Kingdom 07/07/2009 Confirmed

Intentions to sign

Country Date Status


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