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BMBS COST Action BM1403

Management Committee

MC Chair Prof Frank SOBOTT (BE)
MC Vice Chair Dr Sarah CIANFERANI (FR)

Working Group Leaders

WG Leader Prof Justin BENESCH
WG Leader Prof Andrea SINZ
WG Leader Prof Edwin DE PAUW
WG Leader Dr Konstantinos THALASSINOS
WG Leader Prof Perdita BARRAN

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COST Participants

Country MC Member
Austria Prof Guenter ALLMAIER
Belgium Prof Edwin DE PAUW
Croatia Dr Renata KOBETIC
Croatia Dr Mario CINDRIĆ
Cyprus Dr Kleitos SOKRATOUS
Czech Republic Dr Petr NOVAK
Denmark Dr Kasper RAND
Finland Prof Janne JÄNIS
France Dr Valérie GABELICA
France Dr Sarah CIANFERANI
Germany Prof Andrea SINZ
Germany Prof Nina MORGNER
Greece Prof Anthony TSARBOPOULOS
Greece Dr Nikolaos Stavros KOULAKIOTIS
Ireland Dr Daniel O'DRISCOLL
Israel Prof Michal SHARON
Israel Dr Dana REICHMANN
Italy Prof Andrea URBANI
Italy Prof Rita GRANDORI
Netherlands Prof Albert HECK
Netherlands Prof Ronald HEEREN
Norway Prof Nathalie REUTER
Norway Dr Nikolina SEKULIC
Poland Prof Michal DADLEZ
Poland Dr Piotr GARNUSZEK
Portugal Dr Carlos CORDEIRO
Portugal Dr Gonçalo COSTA
Romania Dr Mihaela SILION
Romania ■ Prof Caius SOLOVAN
Serbia Dr Romana MASNIKOSA
Serbia Dr Dragana STANIC-VUCINIC
Spain Dr Marta VILASECA
Spain Dr Natàlia CARULLA
Sweden Dr Leopold ILAG
Switzerland Prof Renato ZENOBI
Switzerland Dr Alexander LEITNER
Turkey Prof Aysel OZPINAR
Turkey Prof Nüzhet Cenk SESAL
United Kingdom Prof Alison ASHCROFT
United Kingdom Prof Justin BENESCH
Country MC Substitute
Croatia Dr Miranda SERTIC
Finland Prof Juha ROUVINEN
France Dr Julien MARCOUX
France ■ Ms Julia CHAMOT-ROOKE
Germany Dr Charlotte UETRECHT
Germany Prof Michael O. GLOCKER
Germany Prof Kevin PAGEL
Greece Dr Dimitra LAMBROPOULOU
Greece Dr Michalis AIVALIOTIS
Israel Dr Akram ALIAN
Italy Dr Maria Chiara MONTI
Norway Dr Jens Preben MORTH
Romania Dr Mihaela Nicoleta HOLBAN
Serbia Dr Marijana PETKOVIC
Turkey Dr Mehmet Selim HANAY
United Kingdom Dr Konstantinos THALASSINOS
United Kingdom Prof Perdita BARRAN

General Information*

Chair of the Action:

Prof Frank SOBOTT (BE)

Vice Chair of the Action:


Science officer of the Action:


Administrative officer of the Action:

Ms Jeannette NCHUNG ORU


Action Fact Sheet

Download AFS as .RTF

Memorandum of Understanding

Download MoU as PDF


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