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BMBS COST Action BM1201
Developmental Origins of Chronic Lung Disease

Chronic lung diseases (CLD) are a major cause of death in the Western world but curative therapies do not exist. Recent studies indicate that the risk to develop CLD is modified by early exposures during critical developmental windows. This concept opens unique opportunities for the pre- or early postnatal modification of later disease risks, but the underlying molecular mechanisms are largely unexplored. To close this gap, a highly cross-disciplinary approach involving scientists from basic and clinical research is required. Several European institutions study early origins of CLD with adequate national funding, but these efforts are not integrated and lack a comprehensive platform for synergistic collaboration. This COST Action will allow the creation of a coordinated and highly translational research program. This will bring forward a novel understanding of CLD pathogenesis and build the prerequisites for the successful development of early interventions and/or innovative therapies.

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General Information*

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Prof John W. HOLLOWAY (UK)

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Administrative officer of the Action:

Ms Gabriela CRISTEA


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