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BMBS COST Action BM0702
Urine and Kidney Proteomics

The main objective of the Action is to to catalyze translational research in kidney diseases via standardization in all aspects of urine and kidney proteomics analysis from specimen collection and databasing up to data processing and analysis.
Renal diseases constitute a major health threat in all societies. Proteomics is the large-scale analysis of the proteins of biological samples. Application of pro-teomics methodo-logies in the investigation of renal diseases will catalyze the development of optimal diagnostic and prognostic tests. Despite preliminary successful efforts, the interactions between the multidisciplinary teams of scientists working on kidney diseases and proteomics are still limited in Europe. EuroKUP will foster the generation of a strong and growing multi disciplinary network of scientists from at least 20 European countries, focusing on renal and urine proteomics. The objectives of the Action focus on the identification of reference clinical centres for major kidney diseases and establishment of uniform clinical databases, standardization and optimization of procedures, integration of data to systems biology approaches and dissemination of information for application to diagnostic/prognostic procedures. Multiple scientific, technological and societal benefits to the European Union are expected, including but not limited to setting the urgently needed standards for clinical proteomics and translational research and improving the clinical situation in chronic renal diseases.

Keywords: Kidney, Urine, Clinical Proteomics, Standardization, Network

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General Information*

Chair of the Action:

Dr Antonia VLAHOU (EL)

Vice Chair of the Action:

Prof Jørgen FRØKIÆR (DK)

Science officer of the Action:


Administrative officer of the Action:

Ms Gabriela CRISTEA


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