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BMBS COST Action B24
Laboratory animal science and welfare

The main objective of the Action is to increase knowledge necessary for both ethically sustainable and scientifically valid use of laboratory animals in research. These objectives reflect cost-benefit thinking, where costs should be minimised, and benefits maximised. The Action serves as an interaction podium and idea generator for scientists and civil servants and paves the way for European research consortia. Furthermore, it aims at the production of research results and collection of technical data based on scientific studies, and ultimately seeks tools needed for real life implementation. Delivery of the processed data is done through harmonising of training of persons working with animals and as guidelines and recommendations, which should go beyond regulatory minimum standards. This aim can be realised only if a strong and active network is present. A special aim of the Action, in order to further implementation, is a compilation of relevant guidelines and recommendations produced prior to the Action and by the Action into a format, which would allow all interested groups within the field to become familiar with the recommendations in a convenient, but efficient way. It may not be just a booklet, but rather a binder, where updates - freely available at the internet - could be easily added. The benefits of the Action would be immediate. Laboratory animal scientists could gain and disseminate ideas and research results within the network, plan for consortia for the EU RTD Framework Programme, scientific studies using laboratory animals could refer to and follow guidelines produced and published as the result of the work of task groups. Educators could be assessed and harmonise the training they offer and regulatory authorities would have better evidence-based information for laws and regulations to be built on. And last, but definitely not least, the animals used in any research project could be reduced to optimum numbers and their wellbeing refined in procedures and housing. All this should relieve public concern on the use of laboratory animals, and consequently increase society’s confidence and understanding on methods and aims of science in general.

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Ms Gabriela CRISTEA


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