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BMBS COST Action B10
Brain Damage Repair

The main objective was to increase the knowledge of the processes of successful repair of deficits or inflicted damage to the central nervous system to a level which will allow repair, or significant improvement, especially in relation to human cognitive and mental functions.

The principal output of this Action has been the publication of a book on Functional Recovery which was distributed to 300 major European laboratories. It is anticipated that this may become the standard reference text in this field. This book on brain damage and repair bridges between clinically oriented neurobiology and clinical neurology. And is addressed to both, scientists and doctors, students and professors. The novelty of the book is based on its coherence and the undertaking of various aspects on neurodegeneration and neuroregeneration. There is a straightforward logic which guides the reader from molecular particularities of the brain to the molecular scenarios of points of resistentiae minoris.These molecular aspects are integrated into their position within an acute or chronic neurological disease.

The Action also addressed juridical problems of transplantation, patentation and genetic analysis, on the harmonisation of neurological research and on the summing up of relevant multicentre studies.

In addition , Action B10 launched two pilot experiments:

a. DATABASE/THESAURUS containing names and full coordinates of 572 European researchers within Neurosciences linked to 42.941 scientific articles with abstract and full references. This instrument may be used as "real time" bibliometric instrument. Accessible on the web page;

b. Dictionary for neurosciences in 15 different European languages

34 Short Term Scientific Missions were performed by young scientists assuring an active exchange of information end experience between the European laboratories participating in the network and stimulating the development of a new cadre of researchers.

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General Information*

Chair of the Action:

Prof Roland POCHET (BE)

Science officer of the Action:


Administrative officer of the Action:

Ms Gabriela CRISTEA


Action Fact Sheet

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